New Study: Two Sugary or Artificially-Sweetened Drinks A Day Increase Diabetes Risk


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Sugary beverages like soda, energy drinks, sweetened teas, lemonades, coffees and fruit juices are known to be an unhealthy daily drink and some say they are becoming the next big tobacco, as researchers continually find their link to elevated chronic health risks.

Now new study put on by researchers at the Karolinska Institute have found that not only do sweetened beverages heighten the risk for diabetes, but also artificially-sweetened beverages had similar risks in study results.

In fact, higher consumption for these two types of drinks increased a higher risk for type 2 diabetes by 20%.

The researchers reviewed over 2,800 Swedish adults compared to adults with diabetes cases, and all results were adjusted for various measures.

The results found that possible direct adverse effects of sugary drinks and artificially sweetened drinks on insulin sensitivity and glucose homeostasis could be linked to the higher diabetes risks.

Dr Josefin Edwall Lofvenbrog from the Karolinska Institute was noted in Political Lore, stating that consuming more than two 200ml drinks doubles the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Latino kids consume more sugary beverages than their white peers, studies show. In fact, Latino kids age 0-5 consumption of sugary drinks is higher than the overall average.

Ensuring clean water and healthier drink options are promoted in Latino schools and communities are vital in ensuring a healthier future generation.

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of Latino kids have had a sugary drink by age 2 (vs. 45% of white kids)

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