New UK Study Shows Taxing Beef & Soda Could Delay More than 2,000 Deaths


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A study from BioMed Central Public Health simulated and reviewed the impact on health by taxing a twenty percent tax on sugary-sweetened beverages and internalizing the cost of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions (GHGEs).

The tax scenarios showed consumers would be more likely to purchase more environmentally friendly meats including poultry and pork and more fruits and vegetables. However, unhealthy foods high in sugar and salt, such as cakes also resulted, not completely improving diets.

In the four scenarios of models, all taxes would be passed onto consumers. Two of the tax scenarios included a sugar tax and two scenarios left the sugary tax out.

Estimations showed that over 2,000 deaths could be averted, as diets would consist of reduced sugar and fat and increased fiber.

Studies of sugary beverages and unhealthy foods continue to be popular to better understand any benefits of sugary beverage tax legislation suggestions and issues with reducing obesity and GHGEs.

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