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Our Science behind Healthy Change in Communities

How far along is healthy change in your community? Where can you get involved?

The answers can be found in the Salud America! Policy Contribution Spectrum, a science-based way to identify and describe the stages of policy development.

The Spectrum helps pinpoint important activities that contribute to the process of policy development, from noticing there is a problem, to the passing of a policy, to monitoring a policy to make sure it does what it was created to do.

Our detailed Spectra is found in the March 2013 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Curating Latino Health Info for a New Generation

At Salud America! (and our former social media campaign, SaludToday), we use “digital content curation” to raise awareness of Latino child health issues, as well as promote solutions and build people’s capacity to change these issues.

Our digital health curation model, published in February 2016 in the Journal of Communication in Healthcare, uses a “collect, craft, connect” strategy to sift through the massive amounts of content created across the Internet to identify and bring our audience to targeted, relevant and engaging content.

Addressing Latino Childhood Obesity Through Research and Policy: Findings from the Salud America! Experience

Guided grocery store trips, menu labeling at restaurants, community gardens, and video-game-based exercise programs are among several promising, culturally appropriate ways to prevent obesity among Latino children, according to a collection of studies from Salud America! published in a supplement to the March 2013 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

The supplement focuses on Salud America! achievements in the past five years and features 19 papers of groundbreaking research focused on Latino children and families.

Salud America! Developing a National Latino Childhood Obesity Research Agenda

Salud America! conducted a national Delphi survey among researchers and stakeholders to yield the first-ever National Latino Childhood Obesity Research Agenda.

The agenda, published in the journal Health Education and Behavior in June 2011, provides a framework to stimulate research and collaboration among investigators, providers, and communities, and inform policy makers about the epidemic’s seriousness and specific needs for priority funding.

Current Research Issues

Past Research Issues

From 2013-2015, Salud America! covered these topics:

In 2011, Salud America! also released three national research briefs:

Past Research Grantees

In 2009, RWJF, through Salud America!, funded 20 two-year pilot research grants to inform policymakers and advocates working to prevent/reduce Latino childhood obesity:

  • Dr. Monika Stodolska: Crime, Fear Keep Latino Children from Seeking Physical Activity, Research 2011
  • Dr. Meizi He: How Churches Can Join Battle against Obesity, Research 2011, AJPM 2013
  • Dr. Cristina Barroso: How Latino Families Perceive Weight Problems, Research 2011
  • Dr. Carmen Nevarez: Menu Labeling Can Help Latino-Serving Restaurants, Research 2011, AJPM 2013
  • Dr. Norma Olvera: Mom-Daughter Exercise Program Improves Latina Girls’ Health, Research 2011, AJPM 2013
  • Dr. Claudia Galindo: Obesity in Latino Children: Trends, Research 2011
  • Dr. Robert Dudley: Photovoice: Empowering Latino Youth to Policy Change, Research 2011, AJPM 2013
  • Dr. Myriam Torres: Latino Children and Barriers to Healthy Eating, Activity, Research 2011, AJPM 2013
  • Dr. Angela Wiley: A Family-Centered Wellness Program for Latino Children, Research 2011
  • Dr. Nelda Mier: Built Environment Policy for Mexican-American Children, Research 2011, AJPM 2013
  • Dr. Dina Castro: Community Gardens Can Boost Latino Child Health, Research 2011, AJPM 2013
  • Dr. Shari Barkin: Exposure to Recreation Center Increases Use by Latino Families, Research 2011
  • Dr. Alexy Arauz Boudreau: Health Coaches Key to Improve Latino Lifestyles, Research 2011, AJPM 2013
  • Dr. Miriam Vega: Latina Immigrant Mothers and Children’s Weight, Research 2011
  • Dr. Harris Huberman: Parenting Tips Positively Affect Latino Parents’ Feeding Practices, Research 2011
  • Dr. Javier Rosado: Children’s Weight in Pediatric Primary Care, Research 2011, AJPM 2013
  • Dr. Dharma Cortes: Teaching Latinos How to Buy Healthier Foods, Research 2011, AJPM 2013
  • Dr. Rebecca London: After-School Fitness Programs Can Improve Health, Research 2011, AJPM 2013
  • Dr. Zan Gao: Impact of Active Video Games on Fitness, Academic Performance, Research 2011, AJPM 2013
  • Dr. Emma Sanchez: School Compliance with P.E. Policies, Research 2011