Healthy Neighborhoods & Communities

Our neighborhoods and communities need better access to quality housing, transportation and mobility, green and active spaces, health food, and clean water.

Make our home environments healthier now!

Our health depends on access to healthy homes, transportation, parks, and food.

Boost affordable housing

In many towns, people can’t find affordbale places to live, or can’t afford rent and face eviction. See how communities are tackling this issue for residents!

Improve public transportation

It can take a person 3 hours to get to their medical appointment by bus, and 15 minutes by car. See the latest ways to improve public transit and mobility!

Start a school food pantry

Use our free Action Pack to help you talk to decision-makers, plan, and launch a School Food Pantry to help hungry students and reduce local food insecurity!

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Salud Hero Success Stories

Dr. Veronica Ramirez: Keeping Her Community Healthy with Infection Control

Dr. Veronica Ramirez is the first physician in her family.   The youngest of four children, Ramirez grew up in Escondido, California, with an ...

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