Healthy Families & Schools

Health equity starts with support for healthcare access for all our families, especially moms and children, addressing mental health and trauma, and improving education.

Take action to support our families!

You can help kids and families get help they need for better health and education.

Make your school trauma-sensitive

Half of U.S. children suffer abuse, poverty, and other traumas. Use our free Action Pack to track and support these children in our schools!

Improve healthcare access

The reason for health inequity is often a lack of access to quality care. See the latest efforts to bridge the gap in healthcare access and promote health equity!

Curb mental health stigma

Check out the latest ways to bust the stigma over mental health and get more Latinos and all people the care they need for healthy minds!

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Salud Hero Success Stories
Erine Gray, founder of auntbertha and social services websites, with his mother in Austin Texas

Need Help? Erine Gray’s Can Connect You to Local Social Services amid Coronavirus

When he was 16, Erine Gray's mother caught the rare brain disease encephalitis, causing permanent damage and memory loss. Gray moved his mother to ...

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