Pop-Up Concessions Promote Healthy Plant-based Options


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Getting students eager to try new plant-based foods is not always an easy feat. Yet, when healthy options look appetizing and promote vegetarian dishes in a new way, student’s curiosity grows.

The University of Pittsburgh culinary team collaborated with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS),  in a two-day workshop. They learned new skills and recipes to serve new plant-based dishes to students, hoping to promote a more sustainable diet.

Nick Goodfellow, the Sustainability coordinator with Sodexo at Pitt University explained to Food Management that after learning all the new plant- based recipes the team wanted to keep the momentum around plant-based dishes going, but wondered how.

The team’s solution? Create pop-up food stations.

The pop-up food station helped students get interested in trying new plant-based options. This created momentum and curiosity around the new dishes.

The new concept, called Forward Food, gives students options for vegan and vegetarian options. Some of the menu items include dishes like, garbanzo bean sliders, quinoa primavera, tuscan mushroom salads, general tso tofu and more.

The culinary team also worked on posting information on social media busting the myths around plant-based diets. Plant-based dishes offer a variety of ways to get both protein and calcium for a whole nutritious diet.

Students were so eager to try the new meals, explained Goodfellow. One student even told him about how excited they were to know that the pop-ups would be there the whole semester.

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