Salvation Army in Chattanooga Helps Residents ‘Beat the Heat’


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With temperatures this summer reaching into the triple digits in many cities across the country, staying hydrated is crucially important for everyone. In many low-income and Latino neighborhoods, this becomes problematic, as access to clean drinking water is not always readily available.

In Chattanooga, Tenn. (5.41% Latino population), the city’s branch of the Salvation Army has launched a new campaign to help residents in the area keep cool and stay hydrated during the summer, according to a report from WDEF News.

“I don’t know how folks make it through the hot days of summer,” said Kimberly George, a representative with the Salvation Army said in an interview with WDEF. “It is so hot that it is life threatening.”

The Salvation Army’s “Beat the Heat” campaign, now in its fourth year, offers multiple opportunities for people to stay healthy.

The agency’s location has opened its swimming pool to kids during the day, which offers them a safe (the pool is monitored by life guards while it is open) environment to stay cool and active. Kids are also fed lunch and are offered access to activities inside.

Their mobile units are providing free bottled water and are also selling electric fans for $5 each.

“Often times we have folks who come to us,” George said. “They receive water and they receive a fan and tell us just how important it is for them. How he gives them just that little extra of heat relief.”

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