San Francisco Re-introduces Soda Tax Proposal


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Two years ago San Francisco, Calif. tried to put a two-cents-per-ounce tax on sugary beverages, the proposal failed at 54.4% of the vote falling short, now trying again the proposal looks at a penny per ounce tax with proceeds going towards health programs.

The proposal for the new tax was set to be placed on the ballot last month, but signatures were turned into late, according to a recent article. A warning label law on the health risks associated with consumption of soda is still being considered in San Francisco as well.

Advocates of these new efforts towards soda tax laws reveal the evidence to their communities and council members of the high amounts of sugar in many soda or sweet drinks, which have no nutritional value, are the leading causes of diabetes and obesity among children.

Similar efforts towards taxing sugary-sweetened beverages are also bubbling up in other cities like Portland.

Stockton and Chula Vista, are working towards reducing soda consumption among children and teens with healthier beverage campaigns and reduction of sodas in kids menus.

Research shows that Latino kids are more at risk for consuming sugary beverages than their peers, and with each sugary drink, risks of becoming diabetic increases, studies show.

Having healthier options and reducing unhealthy sugary options for kids may help reduce diabetic risks for Latino kids.

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for every Latino neighborhood, compared to 3 for every non-Latino neighborhood

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