SNAP Stories: Program Improves Life for Latinos and Others


SNAP Stories
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Under the revised House Farm Bill, 1 in 11 households who receive SNAP benefits would no longer be eligible for the program.

SNAP not only lifts millions of people out of poverty, it also helps them stay out and improves the economy.

And there are real stories behind these facts.

The State of Obesity’s “SNAP Stories” website showcases people and families who benefit from SNAP.

Who Benefits from SNAP?

The State of Obesity report features SNAP Stories of people and families who benefit from SNAP.

SNAP Stories is a collection of stories about the benefits SNAP provides for individuals and families all across America. Stories were produced by StoryCorps and Upworthy with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

SNAP recipients are the subject of many stigmas and misconceptions, such as the myth of “welfare queens”.

The truth is, many SNAP recipients are everyday, hard-working citizens.

SNAP in San Antonio, Texas

Shayna Horne and Tiffany Nieto-Gaytan
Shayna Horne and Tiffany Nieto-Gaytan (via State of Obesity)

Shayna Horne tells her family’s story about benefiting from SNAP after the challenging transition out of military life.

Horne is the primary caregiver for her husband, a disabled veteran, and their two young children with various medical needs.

Horne applied for SNAP benefits with the help of Tiffany Nieto-Gaytan of the San Antonio Food Bank.

Beth Keel and Jovanna snap stories
Beth Keel and Jovanna Lopez (via State of Obesity)

Beth Keel tells her story about receiving SNAP benefits after an injury left her physically unable to work.

Keel was previously a landscape superintendent, and tried to find a less labor-intensive position, but finding a job was a challenge due to the recession. SNAP helped her survive during this time.

Keel also is a Salud America! Salud Hero.

SNAP Across The U.S.

Emily & Tim Brown (via State of Obesity)

Dr. Jennifer Wells-Marshall of Alabama tells her story about receiving SNAP benefits while her daughter was young and she was on the road to a PhD. 

Tim and Emily Brown, a husband and wife team in Kansas, tell their story about receiving SNAP benefits when Tim lost his job.

“One thing I feel I’ve learned in life over the long run is that you never know what a day may bring,” Tim Brown said in their video. 

Jeremy Huffman and Adam Ingrao, who joined the military after 9/11, are veterans-turned-farmers in Michigan who discuss supporting families who participate and advocating for healthy food.

“It’s not just about access to food; it’s about access to hope.” Adam Ingrao said in his video.  

Stephanie Land in Washington tells her story on falling into poverty after fleeing an abusive relationship, and how SNAP helped her finish college. 

You can read more stories here.

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