Store Reduces Sugary Beverage Options In Concerns for Consumers Health


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Various cities throughout the nation are thinking about soda taxes or working on reducing beverages like energy drinks, and unnatural juices in schools, and city vending machines.

Now Raley’s, a privately owned and family operated supermarket chain in West Sacramento will be removing name-brand sodas from their stores. The 121 stores are located in Northern California and Nevada under four names: Raley’s Supermarkets, Bel Air Markets, Nob Hill Foods and Food Source.

A recent article explains the decision to remove these type of beverages from the store was to advance their vision of health and wellness, wanting to “make it easier” for their costumers to make healthier choices.

Latino kids ages 0-5 consume more sugary drinks than their peers, and about 74% of Latinos have had a sugary drink by age two.

Consumption of added sugars like high fructose corn syrup in unnatural fruit juice drinks, sodas, and various other beverages have been associated with higher risks of unhealthy weight, diabetes, and hypertension.

The store stated that they will not replace the soda with a specific product, but instead focus marketing other private-label offerings like flavored waters and infused beverages.

The final removal of the soda products will be out of stock by August 1, 2016.

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for every Latino neighborhood, compared to 3 for every non-Latino neighborhood

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