Student approved meals gain success in South Carolina


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What’s a good way to make sure students eat the new healthy foods schools are trying to implement across the nation?

Taste Tests!

A school district in South Carolina, Laurens 56 school district, has worked with kids, offering taste tests to try the new healthy school food swaps, before putting them on the school menu.

Now new favorites in the lunchroom include collards and broccoli!

All items are taste-tested, and given feedback from kids before approved, to make sure students enjoy new items like the chicken fajita wraps.

Cindy Jacobs, the Child Nutrition Director for the district, worked from the very beginning making sure teachers and students saw the importance of the new nutrition standards, and asked students to get creative by making their own lunch menus under the new standards.

Jacobs hopes to create a culture of health within the district, asking teachers to be leaders and talk positively about the new healthy school meals and encourages the district to get involved in the Farm to School program, to help kids learn about where fresh food comes from.

To learn more about this healthy school change, click here.

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