Watch: Salud Hero John Hernandez Joins the 100th Dropout-Prevention Webcast


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In the past decade, the National Dropout Prevention Center has aired 99 free webcasts to push for school success and dropout prevention.

The 100th webcast, will feature John Hernandez, a Salud America! Salud Hero extraordinaire, on Aug. 14, 2018.

Hernandez is the director of student services at East Central Independent School District (ECISD) in San Antonio, TX (68% Latino). He began to uncover that the reasons for student absenteeism went beyond Texas’ at-risk indicators—a parent in jail or in hospice, loss of a loved one, immigration or deportation of family members, bullying, food insecurity, unstable housing arrangements, divorce, and many more.

John Hernandez and the EC Cares Committee.

So Hernandez started got the support of the ECISD superintendent and started a committee to address these reasons.

Piece-by-piece, Hernandez and the committee crafted the EC Cares system. The system works to: identify, track, and monitor students using existing school management software; support students by creating a community resource guide; and train all district staff about their role in reaching students who are beyond at-risk. In reaching these children, they hope to decrease absenteeism and prevent dropouts.

Read the Salud Hero case study and watch the video about Hernandez and the EC Cares Committee. You can also watch our May 29 webinar featuring Hernandez.

The “Solutions to the Dropout Crisis” Webcast

The webcast, begun in 2008, occurs on the second Tuesday of every month. The webcast is produced by Clemson University Broadcast Productions in partnership with NDPC, with support from K12 Inc. and FuelEducation.

The 99 webcasts to date—all available here for free—have covered dropout prevention efforts, such as:

Be sure to watch Hernandez in “The Use of Student Attendance to Build Districtwide Trauma-Informed Care” on the Solutions to the Dropout Crisis webcast at 3:30 p.m. EST Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018.

August 14 is an extra special day because it is EC Cares second birthday!

During the webcast, join us in Tweeting @NDPCn or #NDPCn.

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