#WellnessWins Campaign Launches!


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The #WellnessWins campaign celebrates the importance of strong wellness policies and the great strides districts are already making nationwide!

The #WellnessWins campaign celebrates district wellness success and inspires everyone to create healthier school environments, grounded in strong wellness policies. Beginning on April 17, school leaders, community members, and parents can visit WellnessWins.org to download resources, read success stories, and learn how they can support and advance school wellness policies.

Support is critical to helping highlight the importance of strong wellness policies and to the campaign’s success!

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Join the Alliance for a Healthier Generation (@HealthierGen), the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (@eatright), and Voices for Healthy Kids (@Voices4HK) on Tuesday, April 25 between 1 P.M. and 2 P.M. EST for a LIVE Tweet Chat where they will be discussing all things wellness policies, using the hashtag #WellnessWins.

After April 17: Below, you will find social media messages that you can share across your social media channels. Feel free to create your own social media posts, too (just make sure to add the hashtag #WellnessWins!).


  • School wellness is winning thanks to stronger nutrition & physical activity policies. Learn more: Wellnesswins.org #WellnessWins
  • No need to reinvent the wheel! We have school wellness policy resources, trainings, and tools. Get them here→ WellnessWins.org #WellnessWins


  • Nationwide, school wellness is winning thanks to stronger nutrition and physical activity policies and practices ‒ and the commitment of parents, school and community leaders like you! Learn how you can support school wellness policies today→WellnessWins.org #WellnessWins
  • Wellness policies are the cornerstone of all school health-related initiatives. From physical education to classroom celebrations, they guide and monitor schools’ progress over time. Find out how you can support school wellness policies: WellnessWins.org #WellnessWins

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