What’s Your Big Idea for Healthy Change?


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What is the one thing you want most for kids in your schools?

Salud America! can customize an “Action Pack” just for you to help you build a case and get supporters for your big idea for a healthy change, whether it’s water bottle fountains, brain breaks, shared use, bullying policies, etc.

Action Packs can include:

  • Custom emails to school/district leaders
  • Custom webpage to build supporters
  • Custom data and graphics for social media
  • Custom fact sheets, FAQs and PPTs
  • See samples

Request your customized Action Pack now!

Michaeli Smith, the wellness coordinator at Comal ISD in Texas, had a big idea for more water bottle fountains in schools.

Water bottle fountains, compared to traditional water fountains, help improve students’ access to water in schools be enabling them to easily fill and refill water bottles, helping keep them hydrated and maximizing classroom performance.

Michaeli used our customized “Action Pack” to bring more water bottle fountains to district schools.

“For Comal ISD, [the Action Pack] served as a catalyst for change,” Smith said. “I was very pleased with how it was packaged and easy for others to implement on their campuses.”

Why should you try this?

  • It’s free.
  • We’ll pay for Facebook ads to promote your change.
  • We have coaches to guide you toward change through the 2017-18 schoolyear.

Best of all, you’ll have helped create a healthier, better-attended school!

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