Bike/Ped Projects Create 46% More Jobs Than Road-Only Projects


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Our nation is facing high rates of Latino childhood obesity, unsustainable dependence on carbon-based energy, and high unemployment.

Beyond the known health and environmental benefits of sidewalks and bike lanes, what are the employment impacts of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure?

A 2011 study compares 58 projects from transportation and public works departments from 11 cities and found that bike projects create 46% more jobs than road projects without bike or pedestrian components. Projects included, road construction and rehabilitation, building new multi-use trails, and widening roads to include bikes lanes and sidewalks.

According to this study by the Political Research Institute (PERI) at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, the “road-only” projects evaluated created 7.8 jobs per million, while the “bicycling-only” projects provided 11.4 jobs per million!

Spread the word that bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects increase access to places to be physically active, provide alternative modes of transportation to reduce dependence on cars, and create more jobs per dollar spent than road-only construction projects.

Additionally bike lanes and sidewalks are good for local businesses, creating additional jobs. A cities ability to compete depends on an active population.


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