Infographic: 8 Big Ways Coronavirus Impacts Latinos


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COVID-19 can affect anyone.

But, for Latinos, the coronavirus pandemic is worsening health, social, and income inequities, and raising fears of disparities in disease rates, exposure, testing, and prevention.

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Here is our infographic in English and Spanish on eight of the biggest coronavirus issues facing Latinos:

1. COVID-19 Rates and Latinos

Early reports from hotbed areas, including New York City and Oregon, show higher COVID-19 incidence and death rates among Latinos. In other cities, African Americans show higher rates.


2. COVID-19 Testing and Latinos

People with health insurance get tested for COVID-19 more frequently than those who don’t, even if tests are free, according to researchers.

19% of Latinos are uninsured. This is the worst coverage rate among racial/ethnic groups.


3. Jobs on the COVID-19 Front Lines

Only 16.2% of U.S. Latinos can work from home.

They are overrepresented in high-contact jobs (food, retail, hospitality, health) with little or no paid leave.


4. Latinos and Social Distancing for COVID-19

Essential workers are more likely to be exposed to coronavirus, and less likely to be able to do social distancing.

They risk exposure for a paycheck.


5. Latinos and Poverty amid COVID-19

Latinos represent 27.2% of the population in poverty.

Coronavirus exacerbates inequities in access to social support, housing, food, and more.


6. Latinos and Food Insecurity amid COVID-19

Amid coronavrius, families who rely on nutrition aid can’t stock up on food or buy online.

16.2% of Latinos suffer food insecurity (not enough food).


7. Latinos and Housing amid COVID-19

56.9% of Latinos are “housing cost burdened,” spending about a third of their income on housing.

Coronavirus is exacerbating housing instability.


8. No Open Space for Latinos amid COVID-19

Walking and biking are up during COVID-19. Trail use is up 200%!

But Latinos have less access to sidewalks and green, open spaces for activity amid social distancing.

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of Latino children are living in poverty

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