Do Latinos Live in the Safest Cities in America?


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It’s a fact. Where you live greatly affects your health. Live near a major road? A power plant? Or a densely populated neighborhood? Are you close to a supermarket? All of these factors – and more – impact your health on a day-to-day basis.

For many low-income and Latino families, live in areas that have been classified as food deserts, with little to no access to healthy food options, safe places for physical activity, or access to quality health care. Many of these highly segregated areas are high in crime and poverty.

The data analyzation web site, Niche, has compiled a ranking of the “Safest Places to Live” for 2017. How does this list impact Latinos?

Most and Least Safe Cities in the U.S.

By studying FBI reports on numerous crime factors in cities (9,932 of them) across the country, Niche has determined that the safest city in the United States to live in is Naperville, IL (6.09% Latino population). Naperville ranked first as the best city to raise a family and with the best public schools in the country.

Rounding out the top five safest cities are Irvine, CA (10.05% Latino population), Thousand Oaks, CA (18.45%), Provo, UT (17.32%), and Round Rock, TX (30.21%).

As with any list, where there is a “best,” there has to be a “worst.” On a list of safest cities, the bottom of the list is populated with the “least safe” ones. Major metropolitan areas, many in the southern portion of the United States, came in at the bottom.

According to Niche’s research, Detroit, MI (7.68% Latino population), was the least safe city in the country. The city earned “C-” grades in terms of housing and public schools and “D+” in terms of crime and safety.

Rounding out the bottom five on the list are St. Louis, MO (3.74%), Baltimore, MD (4.58%), Birmingham, AL (3.46%), and Memphis, TN (6.69%).

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