Thank a smoker for not smoking indoors!

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Mil Gracias for Not Smoking Indoors, San Antonio!

The new “Mil Gracias for Not Smoking Indoors!” campaign from UT Health San Antonio helps people share gratitude for smokers who respect others’ air by reducing exposure to secondhand smoke.

You can take 3 big actions:

1. Email a “thank you” message to smokers who protect others by not smoking indoors.

2. Sign a letter to acknowledge the health consequences of smoking and secondhand smoke.

3. Share the need to reduce secondhand smoke exposure in multifamily dwellings.

The Mil Gracias campaign also features English and Spanish flyers with key messages to help people reduce their risk for smoking-related diseases and COVID-19.

Through #MilGraciasForNotSmoking, we can reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, reduce risk for related disease and severe COVID-19 cases, and reduce health care costs and hospitalizations!

Read about the campaign and its team, and find quit-smoking help!

Take Action for a Smoke-Free Environment

Sign the letter!

Share with decision-makers about the many harms of secondhand smoke, which has killed millions, contains over 7,000 chemicals, and is linked to cancer, heart disease, asthma, and respiratory infections in children and adults.

Smoking in Apartments?

Without a smoke-free policy in multifamily dwellings, neighbors have no choice about secondhand smoke exposure, which can travel via stairwells, HVAC systems, and wall openings, and spread various illnesses.

Smoking & COVID-19

Reducing secondhand smoke is key to help flatten the COVID-19 curve in San Antonio and beyond. A rising wave of scientists, epidemiologists, clinicians, and others believe that airborne spread of COVID-19 is real and dangerous.

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Mil Gracias for Not Smoking Indoors!

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