New Study: More water fountains in schools helps students have healthy weights


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Drinking water is a vital component to staying healthy, and now a new study from JAMA Pediatrics shows how students in New York who had more restrictive beverage option at school and access to clean and cold water, also came to have healthier weights.

But recent news stories have shown that not all schools water is safe.

Schools need to make sure water is safe through lead tests and having safe water accessible for all students, and visitors, especially since water may help students weight, finds the new study.

The study looked at more than 1 million students across New York schools after a new rule banned sodas and high sugar and calorie drinks, but replaced vending machines with new water jets.

The students were given cups to use in conjunction with the water jets, and sugar-sweetened beverages were removed from the schools.

Researchers found that when students had access to clean water in their schools, and less access to sugary beverages, their body mass index (BMI) improved.

A recent article states that not only does staying hydrated help students have a healthier weight, but also helps them decrease their chances of being overweight, dealing with tooth decay and helps increase their cognitive focus.

Schools need safe water access for all students, but especially for Latino kids, who are more at risk for diet-related diseases like type two diabetes.

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