Rosalie Aguilar: Dedicated to Improving Latino Health


Rosalie Aguilar
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Rosalie Aguilar grew up watching her grandfather in his water treatment lab, purging pollutants to produce cleaner drinking water in Mexico.

Her grandmother helped Latino reporters cover World War II stories.

author-rosalie aguilarAguilar’s successful grandparents gave her a desire to make a big difference to give Latinos a better chance to live a healthy, disease-free life.

She’s doing just that as Project Coordinator of Salud America! at UT Health San Antonio, a national program that creates content to inspire people to drive community change for the health of Latino and all kids.

“My childhood experiences have led me to a career trying to help others and improve the health of Latino children and families,” Aguilar said. “That is what motivates me.”

Aguilar first joined Dr. Amelie Ramirez’s research team at UT Health San Antonio after she graduated from the 2011 Éxito! Latino Cancer Research Leadership Training program. Éxito! offers an annual summer institute and ongoing support to motivate Latino students to pursue a doctoral degree and a cancer research career.

Aguilar has since finished her master’s degree in health and kinesiology at UT San Antonio.

She now is seeking her doctorate in translational science at UT Health San Antonio.

For Salud America!, she coordinates the daily activities of internal and external communications, meetings, monthly reporting, annual reporting, and more.

She also works with the media to share Latino health news:

She also develops conference presentations and scientific manuscripts about the program.

For example, she played a large role in developing an article about the Salud America! process of digital content curation—sifting through massive amounts of online content to collect, craft, and share with our audience the most targeted, relevant, and engaging content.

“It’s rewarding to share how Salud America! is empowering people across the country to create healthier environments for Latino children and families,” Aguilar said.

“It’s great to see people use our research, daily curated content, and tools to drive change.”

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