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Continuing its work to promote action for Latino health equity, Salud America! is launching a new project: The Salud Talks podcast.

This production, which will go live on Wed., Sept. 4, expands on previously covered topic areas of Latino health and life — approaching each discussion with a holistic mindset.

Episodes will be available every Wednesday morning on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

“The Salud Talks podcast is yet another extension of Salud America!’s wide and impactful reach,” said Dr. Amelie Ramirez, director of Salud America! “The podcast will give listeners insight into many of the health disparities impacting Latinos and all Americans. Furthermore, it will raise awareness of emerging solutions to those disparities.”

What to Expect

The podcast’s first episodes will cover Latino health equity topics ranging from climate change to civic engagement to individualized medicine. Salud Talks Blog Post 1

Each episode will feature guest experts who will provide context, background, stories, and insight into the episode’s topic.

“Salud Talks listeners have an opportunity to learn about a variety of issues, and hear from the experts and grassroots advocates who are making positive changes in their communities,” said Cliff Despres, communications manager of Salud America!

The podcast, produced by Salud America!‘s Josh McCormack and Rick Carrillo, will delve into many areas of health inequity. Moreover, it will approach each discussion in new ways, according to Carrillo, the video production manager at Salud America!

“What we’ve done here is expand the conversation about health equity,” Carrillo said. “These episodes approach various issues—chemicals, art, clinical trials—from a bird’s eye view. Mind, body, spirit, society. More importantly, we’re talking with people who can help us understand these problems and what needs to be done to solve them.”

How You Can Participate

The best way to contribute is subscribing, listening, and joining in on the conversation, according to Carrillo. Salud Talks Blog Post 2

“We want to help create conversation and action,” Carrillo said. “We hope that someone might listen to an episode on chemicals in the water and that inspires them to create an action group. Then they might be able to fix the problem in their community, but productively.”

“How we have conversations with each other is so important. When we sit down with a guest, we’re not trying to argue or debate. Rather we want to hear them out, have a productive discussion, share ideas, and make progress together.”

Listeners can share their thoughts and feelings about episodes using #SaludTalks across social media platforms.

They also can submit episode ideas to

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