#SaludTues Tweetchat 10/31: Fall into Healthy & Safe Holidays


Parent Taking Children Trick Or Treating At Halloween
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Did you know that 40% of Latino children are overweight or obese, compared to 32% of all U.S. children?

With the Fall holidays bringing kids out of school and closer to candy and sweets, this is a critical time to make sure they have safe and healthy spaces to play, trick or treat, and achieve a healthy weight!

latino halloween kids trick holidayLet’s use #SaludTues on Oct. 31, 2017, to share how what we can do for Latino and all families to improve health and stay safe during the Fall holiday season!

We’ll open the floor to your stories, tips and experiences, as we explore:

  • How can kids stay active and safe during the holidays?
  • Cool tips to make the fall holidays fun, healthy, and safe.
  • What are some healthy food alternatives during the season?
  • What we can do to ensure kids have a healthy and safe space to stay active year round?

Be sure to use the hashtag #SaludTues!

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