Stockton Says No To Soda for Kids Menus


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The City Council of Stockton, California (32.5% Latino) has unanimously passed a new ordinance to reduce sugary beverage consumption among kids.

The ordinance will require all restaurants in the city that offer kids meals to offer water and low-fat milk as the only default beverages.

Cities across the country, in Davis, Calif, Philly, Illi., Denver, Colo., Virginia and more, are working on reducing sugary beverage consumption among kids and teens, as soda’s and energy drinks with high sugar content have been shown to be the products that contribute most to added sugars in a child’s daily diet.

Research shows that about 74% of Latinos have had a sugary drink by age two. Having measures that reduce sugar consumptions at early ages of childhood, may help the healthy choice become the easier choice in restaurants for parents and kids.

Advocates of the ordinance hope to not only reduce sugar but also reduce increasing health risks like diabetes and obesity, that could cost San Joaquin county up to $58.3 million in obesity-related health costs, reports the local news article.

Other cities are working to increase awareness about the health risks of consuming sugary beverages daily, by adding warning labels, or adding soda tax measures.

To learn more about the topic of reducing sugary beverages and how it relates to Latino kids health, schools and communities, click here.

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