Sugar-conscious cities across the nation


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Many cities are being more thoughtful in the amount of sugar that is in food, even purposing soda taxes, or sugary beverage warning labels to decrease sugars found in many convenient food and beverages options throughout stores and restaurants.

According to reports from YouGov, some cities are more concerned with sugar consumption than others, noting reports on soda’s and other sugar-filled products to add to health risks like obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.

The data shows the percent of people in each city that say they are concerned about sugar levels in the food they consume, with Denver at the highest percent concerned of sugar levels, 50%, and the lowest concerned city about sugar as Houston at 29%.

The data also reported the cities that consume the highest amount of soda’s being Miami at 41%, consuming at least one sugary beverage carbonated drink per week.

Latino kids often consume more sugary beverages than thier white peers, and with each sugary drink, thier risk of becoming an obese adult jumps to 60%, increasing risks for diabetes and tooth decay.

To learn more about the reports from YouGov, click here.

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for every Latino neighborhood, compared to 3 for every non-Latino neighborhood

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