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Is it hard to find healthy food in your town? Or places to play? Or health care?

What does local health look like, compared to other areas?

The new Salud America! Salud Report Card has these answers and much more.

You can select your county and automatically generate customized data on local obesity, food access, physical activity, and health equity issues compared to the state and nation, and comparing Latinos to non-Latinos.

The Salud Report Card also offers policy solutions, case studies, and share-ability to inspire people and policymakers to start and support healthy changes in their communities.

Enter your location for your own free Salud Report Card!

“Moms, dads, teachers, local leaders and more can use the Salud Report Card to find out what health issues are affecting local residents,” said Dr. Amelie G. Ramirez, director of Salud America!.

“Then, once you know the issues affecting your area, you can start a local healthy change or email the data to school leaders or the public health department and urge them to respond to local issues and drive solutions.”

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