VIDEO: A Tale of Two Zip Codes


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“When it comes to predicting how long you will live, your ZIP Code is more important than your genetic code,” George Takei narrates in A Tale of Two Zip Codes, an animated short film by the California Endowment’s 10-year Building Healthy Communities initiative.

Where you live determines your opportunities, thus your health and life expectancy. Consider not having healthy food options, clean air, safe sidewalks, nearby parks, quality schools, public transportation and preventive health care. The root causes of inequity in access to opportunities are due to racial and economic discrimination.

Struggling so much to find healthy options can be an overwhelming source of chronic stress, which is a serious health risk in itself.

If we are all going to be healthier, we need to look at income inequality and social and environmental factors, particularly the ones that shape our neighborhoods ZIP Codes.

In an age of “willpower” and “grit”, it can be difficult to conceptualize how social factors, like overcrowded schools and unsafe parks, impact our health.

We need to share this video with everyone to keep the health conversation focused on inequity.

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  • Inequality leads to chronic stress, poor health, & shorter life. @SaludAmerica @CalEndowBHC


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