Virginia fights obesity with new “Rev Your Bev” campaigns


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Students in Virginia are weighing in on the impact of soda and sugary beverages through the local public health “Rev Your Bev” campaigns.

The campaign that aims at fighting obesity in kids and teens, where, according to a local article, 30% of teens are either overweight or obese, and according to the state’s campaigns site, 33% of 5-19-year-olds consume at least one sugary beverage a day.

The Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth (VFHY) representatives have been visiting schools with the “Rev Your Bev” educational campaign informing students of the high amount of sugar in their favorite sugary drinks and having students taste test other healthier options, like infused waters.

Even youth are getting in on the movement, where Virginia’s largest youth-led movement, “Y-Street” works in their communities to give parents and youth information on Rev your Bev.

Studies show that about 22% of Latino high-school students have 3 or more sugary drinks a day, and with each extra sugary drink, the risk of becoming an obese adult jumps to 60%.

Many of the students said they wouldn’t change their daily soda-drinking habits, but some students, like Andrew Downs, realized that soda was increasing his weight, as he gained 71 pounds within a year, stating in the article, that he was drinking at least six cups of soda a day.

Local efforts and events are continuing the “Rev Your Bev” movement, but the statewide campaign is asking everyone to get involved by hosting an event, and using the sites downloadable resources.

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