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More Farmers’ Markets in Pittsburgh Accept Food Assistance

More folks can use their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for fresh, healthy food at farmers' markets in Pittsburgh, thanks to Just Harvest, a non-profit advocating for economic justice. The program works by allowing people to swipe their electronic benefits transfer card at the market and receive wooden tokens that can be exchanged with most vendors to buy food. Live in Pittsburgh? Find a farmers' market or farm stand that accepts SNAP near ...

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Chinese Food Restaurants in Philadelphia Cuts Down on Salt

Chinese food take-out can be a quick dinner option on nights where families are too busy to cook, but the high sodium content in these foods works against a kid's healthy diet. The Healthy Chinese Takeout Initiative brings restaurant owners and health professions together to slim down the sodium in these popular meals. The city of Philadelphia has gotten over 200 Chinese food restaurants to agree to reduce sodium in their meals by 10-15 percent. Organizers offered a series of low-sodium cooking classes last summer with the goal of changing the ingredients but not the taste. Nine months later, salt content in those two dishes was down 20 percent in samples from 20 restaurants. Researchers plan to test the food again in a few months, and expand the program to other ...

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NYC Mayoral Candidate Proposes Healthier Kids’ Meals

New York City Council woman Christine Quinn is proposing recommendations that would have kids' menus at chain restaurants adhere to certain nutritional guidelines. Also running for mayor of NYC, Quinn hopes that these guidelines would rid kids' meals of unnecessary fat, salt, and calories; some restaurants have items on the kids meals that are over 1,000 calories. She would like to see the kids' meals fall in line with the USDA guidelines for school lunches. Those guidelines call for no more than 650 calories, 7.2 grams of saturated fat and 740 milligrams of sodium in each ...

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Study on Making Healthy Foods Easier to Grab at Stores and Schools

Candy displays at checkout counters can be tempting, but what if the candy were replaced with fresh fruit or carrot sticks? A 2012 study from Cornell University found that students bought more healthy items and less unhealthy items when the checkout stands in school cafeterias only displayed healthy snacks. Check out more ...

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Healthy Snack Tips for Hungry Kids

Active kids need snacks to refuel their bodies and their minds. While some snacks, like fried chips and candy, work against growing kids, healthy snacks can be just what a kid needs to power through the day. Check out some healthy snacks ideas and tips from USA ...

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Farmers and Food Retailers Make Sure Arizona Food Banks are Giving Folks Fresh, Healthy Food

  Food banks across the state of Arizona are moving away from only offering canned goods and are embracing farm fresh produce to give to those in need. As a state that is home to one of the largest percents of Latinos in the country, this is good news. In Flagstaff, St. Mary’s Food Bank delivers fresh fruit and vegetables to its Flagstaff warehouse, where agencies like Flagstaff Family Food Center pick them up for use in the hundreds of free, hot meals it serves each day. “We make sure we serve a fresh salad and fresh fruit with every meal,” said Steve Saville, executive director of the food center. “And usually, a fresh vegetable goes into the main dish, and we have some left over, we have a vegetable side serving.” In Yuma, farmers in the area donated 832 truckloads ...

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Neighbors in Northwest Philadelphia Band Together To Get Fresh, Healthy Food

Ending hunger while also improving access to healthier food can be a difficult task. A group in northwest Philadelphia is bringing people from various organizations together to make this task a little easier. A handful of graduate students from La Salle University had already been partnering with local businesses and community and religious groups to aid neighbors' access to healthy food. Through these partnerships they had accomplished a lot, like a huge Easter food drive that fed over 2,000 people. But they wanted to do more. "We realized as we were visiting all these churches, and talking with all these people, that there were a lot of organizations in this neighborhood that were addressing hunger and nutrition issues," Tom Wingert, an MBA candidate at La Salle, ...

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Colorado Fund Brings Healthy Food into Neighborhoods

Many Latino communities in Colorado will now see healthier options popping up at local food retailers. The Colorado Health Foundation has launched a fund to help grocers and other retailers in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods provide fresh and healthy food to those areas. Based on successful programs elsewhere in the United States, the Colorado Fresh Food Financing Fund will offer financing to grocers offering affordable and nutritious foods in areas where such foods are hard to find. The fund is also designed to promote economic development, so communities can not only eat healthier,  but eat healthier for longer. Could your state benefit from a financing fund like this? Learn more about improving access to healthy food with healthy food financing initiatives ...

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Hyatt Hotels Choose to Offer Healthier Meals for Kids

Going on a trip any time soon? If you stay at any of the Hyatt's hotels, breakfast, lunch, and dinner may look a lot healthier---and more fun!  In July 2013, Hyatt Corporation announced the launch of a new, innovative menu, “For Kids By Kids,” which provides more nutritious, fresh and interactive offerings for the three million children served annually in all full-service Hyatt hotels and resorts throughout the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. The “For Kids By Kids” menu was tasted, tested and approved by kids, including 11-year-old Haile Thomas, who is spearheading a campaign for healthy eating through her online cooking show, Kids Can Cook. What sort of creations has Hallie and the kitchen come up with? A make-your-own breakfast taco inside a whole-wheat tortilla, a shaken ...

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