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One Woman in Charlotte Sparks a Healthy Food Revolution

Moved to action by the low-quality foods provided to her brother while in transitional housing, Robin Emmons began growing a few fruits and and vegetables and making weekly deliveries to the house. She soon realized that many communities in Charlotte were facing the same issues as her brother. Lack of access to healthy foods and long commutes to grocery stores were forcing many families to sacrifice eating healthy for whatever is convenient. She decided to take her garden up a notch. On land donated by local farmers and businesses, Emmons grows healthy foods that she later sells at farm stands at affordable prices. She started a non-profit, Sow Much Good, that is dedicated to growing healthy communities in underserved neighborhoods. People are also able to use their food stamps to ...

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Obesity And Preserving Culture: Latinos Discuss Parenting Challenges

Listen to this NPR discussion with Latino parents about the challenges of raising healthy, happy children. The panel touches on health, cultural assimilation and ...

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City Opens Farmers’ Market in Compton

In Compton, CA, fresh fruits and vegetables are scarce, and residents are feeling it. About 40% of folks living in Compton are obese; many struggle with chronic disease like diabetes. In this predominantly Latino city, corner stores are everywhere and even the "fresh" produce at the local grocery store is often spoiled. City officials are taking a big step in the right direction: opening a farmers' market.   In early September, the City opened the Blue Line Farmers' Market, the first in Compton in more than a decade. It sits right at a Metro stop, welcoming riders as they get off. City officials said the weekly Wednesday farmers market is just the first step. The City Council has added health and wellness as one of its "critical priorities" for the coming fiscal year, and in ...

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Slimming Down Restaurants in L.A.

A new healthy restaurant initiative hopes to encourage restaurant owners to offer more healthy options on their menus. Choose Health LA Restaurants is a partnership between the LA County Department of Public Health and local restaurants to promote healthier meal choices for customers across Los Angeles County. A handful of restaurants are already participating. Is there one near ...

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West Philadelphia Community Garden Brings Fresh Veggies to Neighbors

A small community garden in West Philadelphia is starting to a make a big difference. A group of volunteers with the Philadelphia Coalition of the Heart prepared for their second planting season at their North Philly Peace Park. Calling these garden upkeep events, "work parties", they raked weeds, covered the ground with cardboard and wood chips – to protect the soil – and laid out beds that will be used to grow next season’s produce, including cantaloupe, okra, collards, eggplants and watermelon. The goal? To feed the community. Last years garden fed a bunch of neighbors who were happy to grow their own chemical-free, good-for-you veggies. This year, they hope to attract even more residents to the garden to volunteer their time and to take advantage of the local, fresh ...

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First 5 LA’s Sugary Drink Info

First 5 LA, a group that brings communities together and unites organizations, businesses, and schools to provide resources and services for families and their children, has a resource on sugary drinks and children's consumption. Learn the facts ...

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The First Lady Urges Kids to Drink More Water

In the newest effort to combat childhood obesity in United States, the Partnership for America's Health along with First Lady Michelle Obama has launched a new campaign to encourage kids and adults alike to drink more water, Drink Up. The First Lady helped kick-off the campaign in Watertown, Wisconsin, and spoke at a local high school According to the press release, In the next year, supporters will carry the Drink Up logo on nearly 300 million packs of bottle water; more than half a billion bottles of water; 200,000 packages of reusable bottles; and more than 10,000 reusable bottles. Additionally, more than 10,000 outdoor public taps are expected to carry the brand over the next few years. Check out ...

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Farmers’ Market Activity

Want to introduce youth to the farmers' market? Check La Semilla's farmers' market activity guide. The handout asks students to walk around the market and asks questions like, "What kinds of foods are available here?" and provides a handful of questions to ask a vendor. Get your youth organization acquainted with all the healthy options they can find at their local farmers' market. Farmers' Market ...

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Understanding Your Grocery Store Activity

Want to better understand the psychology behind your local grocery store? La Semilla Food Center created a fun, eye-opening activity for a group to do while exploring the grocery store. Read the Instructions, give each participant the handout, and learn how the grocery store influences your purchases in more ways than you think! Psychology of Grocery Store ...

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