Survey: Latinos Say They Don’t Have Control of Their Health


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Latinos are less likely to seek health screenings or preventive care than their black and white peers, according to a new survey, American Heart Association News reports in English and Spanish.

hispanic survey chart 1The Healthy Americas Survey indicates that:

  • Only 55% of Latinos say they are vigilant about getting health screenings and checkups, compared with 68% of blacks and 60% of whites.
  • Latinos were more likely than blacks and whites to say they don’t have significant control over their health.
  • Only about 25% of Latinos say they earned more than $50,000 a year, compared with 47% of whites and 30% of blacks.

“This is dangerous for the long-term health of U.S. Latinos,” Amelie G. Ramirez, Dr.P.H., a health disparities researcher at UT Health San Antonio and director of the Salud America! program, told American Heart Association News. “We need increased educational interventions, a more diversified health care workforce, and great access to health care coverage [for Latinos].”

Survey Findings on Insurance, Mental Health, and More

The telephone survey, conducted by the National Alliance for Hispanic Health and the University of Southern California, included 869 American adults between Sept. 15 and Oct. 1, with about one-third Latinos (of any race), according to American Heart Association News.

The survey also revealed, according to a press release:

Hispanic survey chart 2Role of Health Insurance: Latinos with health insurance are significantly more likely (53%) than uninsured Latinos (37%) to report that their health is excellent or very good. Fewer Latinos thought access to affordable care had a strong impact on health: 67 percent compared with more than three-quarters of whites and blacks.

Mental Health: Latinos are significantly less likely (48%) than whites (59%) and blacks (61%) to report their emotional and mental health is excellent or very good.

Community Priorities: When asked to cite top community health priorities, Latinos and blacks were significantly more likely than whites to cite availability of decent housing (74% and 88% v. 63%) and availability of bike lanes sidewalks, and public transportation (63% and 59% v. 45%).

Role of Government: Latinos (63%) and blacks on-(70%) were significantly more likely than whites (53%) to say that the government should do more to make sure that Americans are healthier, even if it costs the taxpayers more.

Tobacco 21 Age to Purchase: Both Latinos (72%) and blacks (76%) are significantly more likely than whites (60%) to report that they agree strongly or somewhat that the legal age to buy tobacco cigarettes should be increased from age 18 to 21.

Sugary Drink Tax: Latinos (50%) are significantly more likely that whites (39%) and blacks (33%) to report that they agree strongly or somewhat with cities enacting taxes on sugary drinks.

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of Head Start and Early Head Start participants are Latino.

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