Webinar to Increase Water Consumption in Schools


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Need to figure out what to do in your school to have safe and clean water access and encourage everyone to drink more water?

Watch the video webinar to learn more about how the Wisconsin (58% overweight or obese) created the Wisconsin Oral Health Coalition that has helped with initiatives to increase water consumption, reduce tooth decay and ensure students have access to safe and appealing water resources in schools.

Through watching the webinar viewers will:

  1. Have a basic understanding of the need to decrease consumption of sugary drinks to increase oral health and reduce tooth decay or cavities
  2. Know about recent research of how low-cost water initiatives bring benefits in the help to fight childhood obesity & tooth decay
  3. Have tools and a guideline to help advocate for schools to have safe clean water
  4. Have a shared understanding of an existing state initiative for implementing safe and appealing water in schools
  5. Have a shared understanding of optimally fluoridated water

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