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Latino kids start kindergarten behind their peers.

In fact, many Latino kids are at risk of not getting the proper care, services, and environment they need for healthy formative development. They face many traumatic early experiences and participate less in preschool.

Latina moms and babies also face a tough challenge when in comes to reaching a healthy weight.

Fortunately, culturally-sensitive programs and policies can prevent trauma, boost early care and education, spur healthy lifestyles, and promote healthy early development and social/emotional skills among Latino kids.

Research 2017 Research: The State of Latino Early Childhood Development

Research 2016 Research: Latina Mom and Baby Health

Take action to help Latino moms and babies!

The pre-K years are big for achieving healthy weight later in life. Here are ways you can help.


Brain development. Infection-fighting. Breastfeeding can improve these, and more. Check out stories about and resources for promoting breastfeeding among Latinos in communities!

Push early childhood education

Learn how programs and schools are promoting early childhood education to help Latino children and families achieve their full potential as children and into adulthood.

Get pre-K

See how people are pushing to improve access to preschool for Latino children, and find data and resources on the latest policies and programs.

Get ideas to boost child health!

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of Latino kids participate in preschool programs vs. 53% of white kids.



Latino kids suffer 1 or more ACE, (i.e. poverty, neglect, abuse, etc.)



Children exposed to 3+ ACEs had attention problems and aggression in kindergarten.

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